Top Reasons To Refinish the Bathroom in Your Rental Home

Top Reasons To Refinish the Bathroom in Your Rental Home

Renting out a house provides additional income to the real estate investor. However, as time passes, many things need repair or replacement. One way to keep or obtain new renters is by refinishing the bathroom. Everyone uses the bathroom. Making the space enticing to renters works to your advantage.


One place that can be a real eyesore in the bathroom is the tub. Taking up the most space in the bathroom, the tub draws the eye. Simply replacing the tub can be cost prohibitive, but with tub refinishing Baltimore, you can have a new look without the cost or mess of a full replacement. Tub refinishing is a great alternative especially if you don’t have plans for a full remodel.


A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to brighten up the space. Paint can add color, depth and complement the existing features in the bathroom. Over time, paint fades, becomes stained or damaged. If doing patchwork on the existing drywall, consider repainting the entire space to match the new section of the wall.


Tile cracks and looks outdated over time. Simple solutions such as replacing caulking along the walls and tub can extend the life of the tile. But eventually, the tile needs an update. Choose a style that is easy to maintain and brings the most bang for your buck. A simple pattern or solid coloring work well in rental homes.


Check the status of your cabinets in the bathroom. The renters use these to store toiletries, spare toilet paper and their bathroom towels. Repainting, refinishing them or replacing worn and broken pieces can increase the value of the bathroom.

A pleasant and functional bathroom is crucial to many renters. A little bathroom work can increase the value of the rental and help you land and maintain renters. As a main space, the bathroom can make or break a new rental contract.