Winning Tactics for Pest Control

Winning Tactics for Pest Control

Standing in your home listening to the daily sounds of life, suddenly a new sound becomes heard. Scratching in a wall, a thump in the attic or a squeak indicates critters have moved into your abode. Any rodent control services temecula ca have you covered. 

What Could it Be? 

California has a number of rodents who like to move in with humans. Two types of rats exist– Norway rats and roof rats. Norway rats like to make burrows. They live in trash heaps, piles of material and in damp places near gardens and foundations. Not good climbers they find entrances into homes along the foundation and then get into walls. These rodents have gray-brown fur with a pink tail, tiny ears and large size and they can do damage while nesting. The much smaller but darker roof rat loves to climb. They liked to go up trees and trellis to get into buildings. Favorite sites to live list as ceilings, attics, cabinets and of course walls. A white to light gray belly, larger ears and scaled tail identify them. Meadow mice live in dense vegetation around the home. Compact bodies with furry tails and short legs identify this critter. Occasionally a kangaroo rat will wander in. Large head, big eyes, unusually long tails and long black legs identify this rodent. Sometimes squirrels will break into an attic and take over. Especially active, their thumps and playful jumping is highly recognizable due to its loudness and their chittering. 

What to Do? 

Rodents not only may damage a home’s infrastructure they also carry diseases that can pass on to those living in the house. Rodents have many litters in just one year if environmental conditions allow such as plenty of food and water. Rodents can become trapped or chemically removed. Pest services send expert technicians out to inspect a home first to determine the best possible options. Once the type of rodent becomes determined and the location of the vermin found technicians decide on the best options. Often, they will spend some time determining how the rodents entered the home in the first place. Doing away with the entry point makes for a long-term solution to the problem. 

How is it Taken Care Of? 

The phase of prevention and proofing begins. If your home has small children or other pets trapping becomes the better option. Technicians will find where the rodent activity travel ways have occurred and set up there. The trap will become loaded with appropriate bait and then placed near the travel area. Trapping rodents take time and several check-ups to complete the process. 

Using chemicals means exposing the area to toxins. The toxin works by stopping the blood from clotting. An explanation from the technician as in it will be likely the rats or mice die in the walls and attic. If the bodies not found will emit a foul smell for a time. Pets eating the dead rodents or children playing with dead rodents will cause issues and make them sick. 


Trapping takes longer, but is the safer option while toxins do the job more quickly it come with risks. Clean up of body fluids or feces will need caution since rodents do pass on diseases. Wear a pair of gloves and put on a mask while doing so. Better yet, check if the pest control place does it as part of their service.